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Foreign Investment, Property Law, Conveyancing

Our expertise on foreign investment , property law and conveyancing , for which we are well reowned, represents a large portion of our practise. We assist some of the largest local and overseas property investors as well as buyers and for example , we carry out legal checks and prepare due diligence reports, prepare or review private purchase contracts, apply for military permissions, open bank accounts, provide mortgage representation services, exchange title deeds, prepare Turkish wills, obtain tax numbers , apply for resident permits.

Property Litigation, Dispute Settlement

We conduct all types of court cases regarding property disputes and we assist in all types of litigation, including opening cases and defending all types of claims involving property law (including, but not limited to, property fraud cases and disputes arising under private purchase contracts and construction agreements)

Turkish Wills
It is advisable to draw up a Turkish will once you get your title deed and we provide an excellent legal service to make sure that you made a valid one in accordance with Turkish laws.

Site Management Issues

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